My new books…

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By Karen Harper:
The Queen’s Governess
The Poyson Garden (Elizabeth I Mysteries, Book 1)
The Queene’s Cure (Elizabeth I Mysteries, Book 4)

By: Violet Jessop:
Titanic Survivor

By: Chantal Thomas:
Farewell, My Queen: A Novel

By: Caroline Kennedy
The Best Loved Poems of Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis

By: Alice Randall

In the Shadow of Lady Jane
By: Gerald Gardner
Pictorial History of Gone with the Wind
By: Alice Randall
The Wind Done Gone: A Novel
By:  Sherry Jones
The Jewel of Medina
The Sword of Medina: A Novel

By Diane Haeger 
My Dearest Cecelia: A Novel of the Southern Belle Who Stole General Sherman’s Heart
The Secret Wife of King George IV
The Perfect Royal Mistress: A Novel
(And the hard part is just waiting for them!!)

Better World Books!

Untitled 12One of my favorite ways to buy books is second hand. Not because it’s cheaper (okay, big part of it is because I’m on a limited budget) but because the site I buy them from actually helps other people and programs.  How cool is that? For every book you buy, Better World Books will donate one to the many programs that they support. Since they had a sale going on, I was able to get 14 books for under $50! {Heyyyyyyy!!!} Hardcover and softcover. I just wanted to share and if you’re looking for books, go out and grab a few! You’re not only helping yourself out but you’re helping out Literacy programs and donating X amount of books to those in need.  Click the link and go head there! 


You guys, thank you SO, SO much for helping me reach so many!
I never thought that I’d gain so many in such a short amount of time.
This blog is just about two months old, so I appreciate you reading my posts and talking with me!

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Ebooks versus Books.

I thought I’d share this graphic with you guys–I found it on Pinterest whilst I was on one of my “pinning days” (aka, I basically get lost on the site, lol.) and I wanted to share with you and get your feedback!

I personally am a fan of both. One will never cancel out the other. I understand that there are strong feelings on both sides, which is strange to me. I feel that if the author’s words are taking you to that sacred place where reality fades away and the words become your new reality, the characters become your friends and family…I don’t see the issue. Of course I miss the smell of the pages. I miss the turning of the pages, but honestly, I love the words. I love the way they twist and turn and can take your breath away and make you cry, make your soul jump and dance…that happens when I read. No matter the medium in which I choose to do it.

How do you prefer? Sound off in comments or send me a message!