God Bless America

61scgq0ecvlAs you guys know, yes, I made this a primarily historical book blog, but seeing as July 4th is approaching and I love this coloring book, I thought I could make an exception for posting up about it. I have such a variety of coloring books–be it flowers, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, et cetera…there is something very satisfying about this book. Perhaps it’s because it has a great deal of quotes and little bios of the people who spoke the quotes in here or information about the time period or event; I think it’s just fantastic, y’know, to have a book that expresses such pride for America.

The illustrations vary from simple to complicated but are satisfying; I recommend colored pencils even though the images are one sided. If you’re the sort to want to hang your art–you certainly can as you won’t wreck any portraits.So, stay safe this weekend and enjoy yourselves! God Bless America!



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