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What is up, everyone? 😀 The Quirky Lady is back and ready to review! It’s been a long while, I know. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to get back where I was, seeing as I have lost all of my followers. The unfortunate deletions did a number on me here and I lost my inspiration and inclination. Thus, I took a long break. I am hoping to get back to business though, I hope you’ll all join me once again. I am also opening up to more genres than historical fiction, so please feel free to reach out to me!  (Erotica is the same–not accepting.)

Since the last time I was here, I am now in a new decade! I observed my 30th birthday and as usual, I went to my favorite store…


And I just went on Wednesday too! My Uncle came up to visit and brought me to the store. SO thrilled. You can imagine who isn’t too thrilled. My poor bookshelf. I have no room on it as it is, so I’m being forced to be creative until I can get a new one or a bigger one. It’s kind of fun to experiment, however, to see how I can fit them all in. I almost view it as being a form of Tetris. (Which is my favorite game!)

What do you guys do when your bookshelf is getting too full? Do you buy another shelf? Donate some old ones to make room for new? Or do you look on Pintereste for some new interesting solutions. I’ve been eyeballing ‘invisible’ shelves but I’m not quite sure if that’d work in my room. I’m going to figure something out because earlier this year I donated a  lot of books to the local DAWN center, where domestic violence victims stay. I would have given them to Goodwill but I thought this was a far more pleasant thing. I also donated to my local library. 🙂

What have you guys been reading? I’m always up for new suggestions and I’d love to hear what you’re all reading. Please stay tuned as I get set up again, finding new subscribers, new friends, old friends and so forth. As I said, I’m also looking for new books to review. I’ve found myself enjoying YA fiction, but I do ponder, am I too old for it? Or is it silly to wonder such a thing if I’m enjoying what I’m reading? This is my struggle, ya’ll. Haha.

I’m going to keep it short, but stay tuned to this space!

Take care! xx

Sudetenland: A Spotlight.

Sudetenland banner

by: George T. Chronis
[Historical fiction]
Release date: September 30, 2014
Hardbound Equivalent = 600 pages

ISBN: 978-1483538204


Sudetenland CoverSudetenland© is the premiere novel by author George T. Chronis. The book delivers suspenseful and sweeping historical fiction set against Central European intrigue during the late 1930s leading up to 1938’s Munich Conference. Having swallowed up Austria, Adolph Hitler now covets Czechoslovakian territory. Only France has the power to stand beside the government in Prague against Germany… but will she? The characters are the smart and sometimes wise-cracking men and women of this era – the foreign correspondents, intelligence officers, diplomats and career military – who are on the front lines of that decade’s most dangerous political crisis. If Czechoslovak president Edvard Beneš ignores the advice of French premier Édouard Daladier and refuses to give up Bohemian territory willingly, then Hitler orders that it be taken by force. The novel takes readers behind the scenes into the deliberations and high drama taking place within major European capitals such as Prague, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and London as the continent hurtles toward the crucible of a shooting war. [provided by the author]


Sudetenland authorAfter years as a journalist and magazine editor, George T. Chronis decided to return to his lifelong passion, storytelling. A lover of both 1930s cinema and world history, Chronis is now devoted to bringing life to the mid-20th Century fictional narratives that have been in his thoughts for years. Sudetenland© is his first novel. Taking place during turbulent times in Central Europe during the 1930s, the book took eight years to research and write. The author is already hard at work on his second novel.

Chronis is married with two daughters, and lives with his wife in a Southern California mountain community.

Visit his website. Follow his Tumblr page. Connect with the author.

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The War Nurse [Review]

01_War Nurse eBook Cover LargePublication Date: January 14, 2014

BRY Publishing

Formats: eBook, Paperback

Pages: 382

Genre: Historical Fiction

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My review:

WWII books are usually tomes that I try to avoid. I seldom find ones that don’t just tell the American side and for me, I want to see what it was like for all parties involved. Not all Germans prospered; not all were bad. It’s a broad subject that ought to have light shed on all subjects. I was afraid that this would be one of those light hearted romance kind of war story. What a fascinating read, however! It is not light at all; it’s dark and it’s heavy. It does not sugarcoat anything and I found it quite refreshing. I loved the characters included; at first, they seemed a little one dimensional, but as the story goes on, they get better.

What was particularly poignant to me was how the author didn’t hold back in showing the suffering people endures. In an era where one is encouraged to chase their dreams, back then, such a thing was dashed. Emotional and tragic, I admit, you may want a box of tissues handy! I give complete props to the author for being able to show such a different range of emotions in less than 400 pages, haha. I also liked seeing how German people lived and faced at the hands of the Americans. That was very educational to me. So if you enjoy romance, there’s a love story. If you want to learn about things from a different view point–that’s here too. War? Obviously. There’s something for everyone. I hope you’ll be certain to give this book a try!


Rating: 4 Lattes! 🙂

Spotlight: Nixon and Dovey!

Please join Jay W. Curry on his Blog Tour with HF Virtual Book Tours for Nixon and Dovey: The Legend Returns.

Adobe Photoshop PDFPublication Date: November 14, 2014
eBook: 369p
ISBN: 978-1-3117280-3-6

Genre: Historical Fiction

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Before he met Dovey, it was just a heated feud. Now, in the backdrop of southern antebellum slavery, it’s a deadly game of passion, murder, and revenge.

Facts: In 1818 Nixon Curry became entangled in one of the most sensationalized murder/love stories in early American history. As a result, Nixon Curry became arguably the most notorious and widely publicized criminal in America’s first half century. His fame derived not from the brutality or number of his crimes but from the determination of the Charlotte aristocracy to hang him. His remarkable talents, undying love for Dovey Caldwell, and the outright audacity of his exploits made him an early American legend.

Story: Set in the antebellum south of North Carolina, Nixon Curry, a talented son of poor Scot-Irish immigrants, accepts a job at a racing stable. Soon, his riding skills rival those of his mentor, Ben Wilson. The fierce rivalry becomes confrontational when Ben frames Nixon’s childhood, slave friend, Cyrus, for the Caldwell plantation fire. When both Nixon and Ben win invitations to the 1816 Race of Champions, the stage is set for an explosive faceoff. During prerace festivities, the dashing, young Nixon meets the beautiful Dovey Caldwell, daughter of the state’s wealthiest and most influential senator. Finding Nixon unworthy of Dovey’s affection, Senator Caldwell betroths his daughter to Nixon’s nemesis, Ben. The announcement sets in motion a clash of cultures, talents, and passions leading to murder, mayhem, and revenge.

How far will Nixon go to have his love? What price is he willing to pay and what will be the consequences?

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About the Author02_Jay Curry Author Photo

Jay W Curry is a former Big-4 consulting partner, business coach, and award-winning author. When he is not coaching, fly-fishing or writing he facilitates a Vistage CEO roundtable in Houston. Jay has co-authored three internationally successful books and has won honors for both his short fiction and non-fiction work. When the heat of Texas summer arrives, Jay and his wife, Nancy, head to their Colorado home (http:/CurryBarn.com) or visit their three children and seven grandchildren. Nixon and Dovey is the first of a three-book passion to bring the 200-year-old story of Jay’s relative, Nixon Curry, back to light.

For more information, please visit Jay W. Curry’s website. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Be sure to drop in tomorrow when I have my review posted up! 

Clarissa Writes A Note!

I am so happy to say that I have my new glasses–both pairs! As such I will be catching up on everything that I owe. I owe several reviews and again, my deepest apologies. I am always striving to be ready to go, to be on time and deliver what I have promised. Most of you have been amazingly supportive during this time and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

While I was not seriously injured, I have been struggling to get my head on straight. I find my attention span to be worse than usual and I have been suffering from bouts of depression. It comes with being bipolar, ups and downs, but I have been down a lot lately. As such, I have withdrawn myself from several tour companies and am remaining with the three on the sidebar there. Firstly, to slow my pace and secondly, because they’ve worked with me.

I promise to post everything I owe as soon as possible and again, many, many thanks for your patience, good wishes and so forth.

Happy Holidays! ❤

Short Break!

I was in a car accident on Wednesday morning and my glasses didn’t survive; they were totally demolished. (And the car is 1538797_10153332221149428_56429868672282416_n (1)totalled, booo. 😦 I was the passenger and as you can see by the photo, my side got the damage. It all happened so fast that I’m still in shock, I think. I’d never been in accident prior to that.)

Basically, I can’t see a thing unless it’s blown up huge. I have Facebook blown up 200%–and I still have to squint. I will gladly post up my reviews and spotlights when I have my new glasses which should be the end of this week or beginning of next week.

Again, my deepest apologies to all the authors and tour companies that this inconveniences. Truly, this was not intentional and I promise that I shall post like mad when I have my new glasses.

I’d also like to thank the tour companies who have written to say that they understood completely and are willing to work with me so that I may fulfill my obligations. I feel very fortunate that I have many kind people in my life. To those who accused me of lying…well, I’m glad we’re going separate ways.

Be careful driving, everyone and be sure to tell those you love that you love them. As I learned, things can change in the blink of an eye.

I love you guys and I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons! ❤

Publication Date: January 22, 2014
Campanile Press
Formats: eBook, Hardcover, Audiobook
Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery/Medieval

A tragic loss. A desperate journey. A mother seeks the truth.

In December of 1377, four children were burned to death in a house fire. Villagers traveled hundreds of miles across England to demand justice for their children’s deaths.

Sinful Folk is the story of this terrible mid-winter journey as seen by Mear, a former nun who has lived for a decade disguised as a mute man, raising her son quietly in this isolated village. For years, she has concealed herself and all her history. But on this journey, she will find the strength to redeem the promise of her past. Mear begins her journey in terror and heartache, and ends in triumph and transcendence.

The remarkable new novel by Ned Hayes, illustrated by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Nikki McClure, Sinful Folk illuminates the medieval era with profound insight and compassion.

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Booknote Interview with Ned Hayes

About the Author03_Ned Hayes Credit Linda Marus 2012

Ned Hayes is the author of the Amazon best-selling historical novel SINFUL FOLK. He is also the author of Coeur d’Alene Waters, a noir mystery set in the Pacific Northwest. He is now at work on a new novel, Garden of Earthly Delights, also set in the Middle Ages.

Ned Hayes is a candidate for an MFA from the Rainier Writer’s Workshop, and holds graduate degrees in English and Theology from Western Washington University and Seattle University.

Born in China, he grew up bi-lingually, speaking both Mandarin and English. He now lives in Olympia, Washington with his wife and two children.

For more information please visit www.sinfulfolk.com and www.nednote.com. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Booklikes, YouTube, Google+, and Goodreads.

My Review: I read a lot of historical fiction, obviously. I have my favorite genres and time-periods, I have many favorite historical figures who I like seeing fictionalized. It adds a human element to them that one doesn’t always get from biographies or historical non-fiction. When I’m reading a ‘histfic’ book, I suppose you might be saying that I have a type. I wanted to branch away from that and when the opportunity pops up, I go for it. Insert ‘Sinful Folk’. It’s based in the 14th century (1377) and begins straight away with a fire that kills 5 of the town’s boys. (Why? How?) Angry, confused and generally unsure of what to do, the men (and Mear) decide to take the King’s road (which, they need a lord’s permission to do and don’t have). It’s a harsh road to travel down as it’s winter and none of them particularly trust one another. Their supplies are sparse as well. Each has a secret and bandits follow after them at each twist and turn.

The author has a tremendous gift in that his descriptions are very thought inspiring and his description of the mob-like mentality of the townspeople is actually quite terrifying. They are very quick to point their fingers at someone as being a witch or a Jew; most of who have converted to Christianity in order to stay alive. It seems a strange thing to be afraid of, but such a mentality is frightening when you think about it. If you offend one person…they could accuse you and you’d be killed.

Mear is a fantastic lead character and I love how we learned about her and her backstory. Seeing her agony at the loss of her son, my heart broke for her. I could imagine the wails she let out and truly, I was saddened. I enjoyed seeing the moments where she fluctuated between being masculine and feminine. I can’t imagine living amongst an unfamiliar town as a mute and posing as a man. I would like to see her again in another book. I would gladly read it as I will anything else this author puts out. Absolutely brilliant. I enjoyed the detail and the historical accuracy and use of language, which was fairly accurate for the time. It reminded me immensely of Chaucer.


I think you’ll greatly enjoy this!

My Rating: 4auqZQi

Tomorrow is the last day of the tour, please follow this link: Library Educated!

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