I confess that I am rather late to the wonder that is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar tumblr_oe9z2c850j1vbhfv5o3_400Children, which is something Miss Peregrine herself would likely not appreciate given her talent as an Ymbryne. I owe my curiosity about the series to Tim Burton as I saw the previews for the movie version and thought, “Well, that looks fascinating!” It so happened that on my birthday trip to Books-A-Million I saw the series as a boxed set. I was unable to resist and so, I bought it along with the book, ‘Tales of The Peculiar’, which was signed by the author, Ransom Riggs! (Pretty awesome, methinks!) I’m really looking forward to his next novels, whatever they may be. He has a distinctive style and it really kept me intrigued and wanting more. I’ve also discovered that he’s married to Tahereh Mafi, whom I have heard a lot of good things about too! (Is it too much to hope that they write a book  together? Omg, that would be amazing! Also…their wedding is basically all I could ever want. I saw pictures on Tumblr and I’m terribly jealous. Bookshoppe wedding, bouquet made of book pages…you get it. #EnviousAsHell) I’ve posted two pictures here just so you can see. These two are bookworm goals. ❤


Okay, enough about my wedding envy. (I don’t even have a boyfriend, so there is that, lol.) Have you guys read this series of interesting books? I found the premise of living in a  ‘loop’ fascinating and depressing all at once, seeing as they already knew

what would happen every single day. Of course, it was better than the alternative of the house being bombed and everyone killed. It was during the Second World War, that they were in the loop. Jacob is a young man from our day and age who whilst on a journey to learn about his grandfather, who died in a strange way. I don’t want to give away too much if you haven’t read them, but I promise you that if you like history and fantasy, you’ll very much enjoy this series. It’s opened me up to the YA genre of books, a verse that I was trying to keep away from simply because I was worried they’d be poorly written or would deal with issues that I am too old to really be able to relate to. I absolutely loved the 10613999_10204663854820156_1393610062_nold ‘peculiar’ photos that were in the books too. It certainly gave a face to the vast array of characters. It’s an original way to give visual to characters. I very much enjoyed the different take. In the boxed set, it comes with 12 little pictures in an envelope that show
some of the people you’ll encounter in the books. This is one of the images included, this being Miss Peregrine. If you enjoy old photographs…you’ll enjoy these. if I remember correctly, Mr. Riggs found them in travels and wanted to publish a book just of these but instead used them in the Miss Peregrine series.


Eva Green as Miss Peregrine

While I loved the image of who Miss Peregrine is, I confess that Eva Green’s face is rather ingrained into my mind. Asa Butterfield is a perfect choice for Jacob. I am dying to see the film, though I’ve been told that it is drastically different from the books. I noticed that they switched Emma’s powers from fire to air for starters. They also made Bronwen into a small child of perhaps six years of age. (She was older in the books.) I can’t judge the film entirely as I’ve not seen it but I do wonder why the change. Hollywood is forever trying to make a movie better than a book, which is seldom (if ever!), achieved. I think the only films that were just as good as the book were the Harry Potter series, The Help and Gone With the Wind. Oh and the Wizard of Oz too! That was a good one as well. Hollywood ought to learn that sometimes changing what is already a good thing isn’t always wise. A prime example of that would be the Divergent series. What a fiasco. I do want to read the books; I read the first one and enjoyed it. However, I saw the second movie before I read the book and it turned me off, which was bloody stupid, don’t you think? Allowing a movie to sway me.


What are some book to movies that you’ve enjoyed? What are some that you guys have absolutely loathed? Sound off in comments below or e-mail me and I’ll post some responses in my next posting! ❤

If you go to see Miss Peregrine, do be sure to tell me how you’ve enjoyed it. I’m hoping to see it soon. I am also hoping to pick up the Miss Peregrine funko pop to set on my bookshelf. (I have too many of the blasted things but I just love them. Books and Funkos…I should have incorporated them into my blog somehow too. Ah well.)

I think I’ve rambled quite enough; I bet you’re rather tired of me. I think I’ll leave you with this gif. It’s really a rather perfect ending to this post, don’t you think? (Again, they are goals.)



I’m Back!!


What is up, everyone? 😀 The Quirky Lady is back and ready to review! It’s been a long while, I know. It’s going to take a lot of hard work to get back where I was, seeing as I have lost all of my followers. The unfortunate deletions did a number on me here and I lost my inspiration and inclination. Thus, I took a long break. I am hoping to get back to business though, I hope you’ll all join me once again. I am also opening up to more genres than historical fiction, so please feel free to reach out to me!  (Erotica is the same–not accepting.)

Since the last time I was here, I am now in a new decade! I observed my 30th birthday and as usual, I went to my favorite store…


And I just went on Wednesday too! My Uncle came up to visit and brought me to the store. SO thrilled. You can imagine who isn’t too thrilled. My poor bookshelf. I have no room on it as it is, so I’m being forced to be creative until I can get a new one or a bigger one. It’s kind of fun to experiment, however, to see how I can fit them all in. I almost view it as being a form of Tetris. (Which is my favorite game!)

What do you guys do when your bookshelf is getting too full? Do you buy another shelf? Donate some old ones to make room for new? Or do you look on Pintereste for some new interesting solutions. I’ve been eyeballing ‘invisible’ shelves but I’m not quite sure if that’d work in my room. I’m going to figure something out because earlier this year I donated a  lot of books to the local DAWN center, where domestic violence victims stay. I would have given them to Goodwill but I thought this was a far more pleasant thing. I also donated to my local library. 🙂

What have you guys been reading? I’m always up for new suggestions and I’d love to hear what you’re all reading. Please stay tuned as I get set up again, finding new subscribers, new friends, old friends and so forth. As I said, I’m also looking for new books to review. I’ve found myself enjoying YA fiction, but I do ponder, am I too old for it? Or is it silly to wonder such a thing if I’m enjoying what I’m reading? This is my struggle, ya’ll. Haha.

I’m going to keep it short, but stay tuned to this space!

Take care! xx

My Review Process & My Ratings System. #BookBlogWriMo

I’m combining these two because honestly, there really isn’t a big massive process to my reviewing. I want to say, first I do this, then I do that…and there isn’t. I suppose it can be said that I’m boring in that once I pick up whatever book it is, I will read it until I’m done or I carry it wherever I go to read it. I tend to make great use of my book nook now or I lay about in bed. I sometimes jot down a note or I’ll ask my mother (also an avid reader) what she makes of something if I don’t understand it.

When I go to write my review, I do not do so instantly as I like to let everything settle in first. That said, that is my “process.”


This is my ratings system. I decided to go against stars because everyone does stars. I was thinking cookies (because I love cookies) originally. It took me a bit to figure out what I wanted to use. Once I knew, I’d be able to make myself a little graphic for the page. It is actually with my mother’s help that I decided upon Starbucks. I LOVE Starbucks. Peppermint Mocha Frapps are my particular favorite and even though it’s a “Christmas” drink, I have it all year round unless I have my white mocha frapp. Oh, how did my mom help? She had just gotten me one when she was out and about.

Untitled 3aSo, here it is. My little chart. It’s not overly complicated and it took me perhaps a half hour to do. It’s quite to the point and I am very honest in that I’ll tell you what I think. As you can tell, if you’ve been with me for awhile, I can be a little -too- honest. I never intend to hurt any one’s feelings but I do so loathe to sugarcoat something.

Come back tomorrow to see what I have to say about my favorite book blogging things! xox


Advice to newbie book blogs…#BookBlogWriMo

So, you want to be a book blogger. Congrats! I’ve been wanting to use this pic for awhile, but I decided that today was a good day. I was going to change ‘writer’ to ‘blogger’ in photoshop, but I’m feeling sort of lousy and if you’re blogging, you’re writing. So, it’s not -totally- irrelevant. Besides, Nathan Fillion is adorable and I like to look at his “ruggedly handsome” face whenever I can. (If any of you know him, hook a girl up with an autograph or something? LoL.) 

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Workin' it, workin' it, workin' it right… [Day IX.]

My workflow.

To the well organized, non scatterbrained person,they may very well sit down and instantly begin to work. Whilst I would love to say that is precisely what I do, it is not. I usually first check my e-mails, followed by being picky on a Spotify list. I always go on Facebook, seeing what’s new in the groups and with friends, I also browse Tumblr, which takes up more hours than I care to admit.

Today’s tunes are from the album “Constantine” by Constantine Maroulis, who was on American Idol in season 4, I think it was.

I have recently come up with a way to better help myself when I do sit down and am ready to work. In high school, I was the one people came to if they needed help in English class. So it really doesn’t surprise me that I have gone back to my roots. My roots being that of someone who wrote a lot of reports and essays. (I confess that I did work for other people too and was paid for it. That is for another time, however. I learned MLA format and much to my chagrin at first, there was an outline that always had to be included. Whilst this probably isn’t 100% accurate, it’s helpful to have reminders.

I. Introductory statement.
A. Book title.
B. Author(s) name.
C. Publisher
D. Format & page number.
E. ISBN numbers.
F. Insert “add to goodreads” button.

II. Synopsis
A. About the author.
B. Links to author’s page(s)
a. Links to purchase book. (B&N/amazon/BAM/etc)

III. Review.
a. Thesis statement.
b. Full review (no spoilers).

IV. Conclusion.

So that is my workflow. Procrastinate and then get to writing.

Tiffany Girl: Cover reveal and random find…

I’m a sucker for a pretty cover. Call me vain, but the prettier the cover is, the more I am enticed. I know, they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I’m a rebel and I do what I please, haha. I came upon this cover on Pinterest and I thought I’d share the details with you guys because I’m very much intrigued by the description. I am in no way affiliated with Miss Gist and she did a cover reveal herself on her Facebook page two days ago. So, I’m late (Fashionably, I hope) but am excited as I’m curious to look into her earlier work.

Have you read any of her previous novels? Sound off below! ❤


Format/Length: Paperback, 288 pages

Expected publication:
May 5th 2015

Howard Books

1451692447 (ISBN13: 9781451692440)

As preparations for the 1893 World’s Fair set Chicago and the nation on fire, Louis Tiffany—heir to the exclusive Fifth Avenue jewelry empire—seizes the opportunity to unveil his state-of-the-art, stained glass, mosaic chapel, the likes of which the world has never seen.

But when Louis’s dream is threatened by a glassworkers’ strike months before the Fair opens, he turns to an unforeseen source for help: the female students at the Art Students League of New York. Eager for adventure, the young women pick up their skirts, move to boarding houses, take up steel cutters, and assume new identities as the “Tiffany Girls.”

Tiffany Girl is the heartwarming story of the impetuous Flossie Jayne, a beautiful, budding artist who is handpicked by Louis to help complete the Tiffany chapel. Though excited to live in a boarding house when most women stayed home, she quickly finds the world is less welcoming than anticipated. From a Casanova male, to an unconventional married couple, and a condescending singing master, she takes on a colorful cast of characters to transform the boarding house into a home while racing to complete the Tiffany chapel and make a name for herself in the art world.

As challenges mount, her ambitions become threatened from an unexpected quarter: her own heart. Who will claim victory? Her dreams or the captivating boarder next door?


About The Author:     

Deeanne Gist—known to her family, friends, and fans as Dee—has rocketed up the bestseller lists and captivated readers everywhere with her original historical and contemporary romances. A favorite among readers and reviewers alike, her popular titles include A Bride Most Begrudging, A Bride in the Bargain, and Maid to Match. Her latest book, It Happened at the Fair, is her ninth published novel.

A popular speaker, Gist’s presentations have been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in other publications. The Wall Street Journal’s accompanying online video was the most watched video on the FrontPageWSJ.com website for several days following their feature.

Gist has a background in education and journalism. Her credits include People, Parents, Parenting, Family Fun, Houston Chronicle and Orlando Sentinel. She is also the creator of I Did It!®, a parenting line of products. Gist lives in Houston, Texas with her husband of thirty years. The couple has four grown children.

Gist’s fans enthusiastically interact with her at her popular online communities: IWantHerBook.com, as well as on Facebook (@DeesFriends) and Twitter (@DeeanneGist)